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Dear visitor,

Thank you for dropping by!

I hope that you got an impression of the great and diverse attractions Ticino has to offer, and of the special trip I would take you on.

I grew up here, explored many corners of our canton but always feel like I’m discovering more sites, people and particularities on every one of these trips.

Having traveled extensively to all continents and lived with the people of places like Vancouver, B.C., Frankfurt, the Costa Brava and Berlin, I have acquired the ability to mix with different nationalities and serve as go-between and translator, not only of languages. Please call or mail me for a chat or if you have any question. I would very much like to see you in Ticino!


Yours truly,

Claudio Hermani

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Claudio Hermani - Merianstrasse 12 - D-61476 Kronberg - Tel. +44 (0)6173-963076 - Cell +49 (0)172-666 8815  info@cheviaggi.de