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Discover Ticino with an insider

Ticino for lovers of culture, nature, good food and dolce vita

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Let me guide you away from the masses and help you discover Ticino as a friend among friends

Discover the Italian part of Switzerland, a small area with so much to offer! Sun to begin with, and people whose spirit is just as sunny. A territory that ranges from palm-studded lake sides to alpine villages in narrow valleys.  A century long history of architectural and artistic creativity alive in buildings, museums and ateliers. And unique food from home cuisine in the typical Grotto to sophisticated fine restaurants.


Which special sides of Ticino would you like to discover?


Some of my favorite ones: hiking through the forests, with a wine tasting on a meadow as goal, or along the lake towards a fabulous fish menu under a pergola, and return by boat.

The explanations of the director of his small museum or the reception in the workshop of an artist friend, ending with a glass of home made Prosecco.

To go shopping at the market with a Ticino chef and cook with him, laugh and drink some wine together and of course eat in a sleek professional kitchen.

The warm reception by the owners of a genuine grotto next to a stream, their polenta cooked on the open fire, their cheeses and sausages. And an aperitivo over the roofs of elegant Ascona, with a stunning view over the lake towards Italy.

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