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From a short digestive walk along a river to a more appetite-inducing one by the lake, from a path through a chestnut forest to one on a ridge with 360 degree views, you just have choose the energy level.

To cool down, nothing better than a dip in the ice-cold waters of a mountain river, although a swim in the lake may be a bit more popular. If you wish, we can include a round of golf on one of our three courses, if you feel adventurous there is the bungee jump from a dam, as seen in the James Bond Film "Goldeneye" or some canyoning, also in Val Verzasca. And if you'd rather have a look from above, a helicopter can take us into remote valleys a well as to a fabulous lunch on a mountain terrace.

Claudio Hermani - Merianstrasse 12 - D-61476 Kronberg - Tel. +44 (0)6173-963076 - Cell +49 (0)172-666 8815  info@cheviaggi.de